People Management

Joining the MCA group means working in a global team with unique opportunities for personal and professional development. Adaptation to change and flexibility are critical success factors. Want to go further with us?

Promoting a climate of involvement and job satisfaction is our goal. Recognizing and rewarding the value that comes to the group is a commitment for us. Communicating is approaching. Be able to commit, to integrate company values into your work and you will feel the MCA identity.

With courses adapted to the training needs raised by employees and managers, we have built structured programs that follow from the beginning, the career of the employee. Develop with us new skills and add value to the business.

How do we attract talent?


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Spontaneous Application

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How do we select?

Tell us about yourself

You will be invited to know our facilities and present your experiences in an open and relaxed environment.

Prove your value

Show us what value you can bring us and how motivated you are.

Conquer your place

Benefits will be presented and expectations will be met.

Board with us

We have a host program prepared for you. The integration takes place after a Collective Welcome where you will have to prove your knowledge of the MCA Group.

Direct Speech

I want to congratulate you on the organization of the 1st Trail MCA, all well thought in detail and with great quality.
Don’t miss the urge to organize more of these events.

Mohamed Saad

The internship period was enriching, because it offered me the opportunity to develop countless activities, applying the theoretical knowledge acquired over the years and without doubts was a differential, both at professional and personal level.

Berjusa Candala

For me it was a very enriching experience professionally, especially because I learned what are certain previously unknown materials. We were very welcomed by the various colleagues of the work, I talked with some who told me what they do concretely. May many Open Days of M. Couto Alves be done, so that more colleagues can better understand what goes beyond the building/Headquarters we work and the “World” M. Couto Alves.
Hurray for more ideas like this!

Emiliana Sousa

Our Pillars

To attract

We develop our recruitment processes to select the best assets for the organization. We give preference to local recruitment, given the inclusion of our company in the communities where we operate. Internal mobility is strategic for us, so we always give ourselves the opportunity to apply for another geography.

To involve

Internal communication and employee involvement with the company must be constant, for this we have created a series of actions so that the approach flows naturally and spontaneously. We conduct satisfaction studies, and internal magazines by market.

To develop

We designed our Training Plans to match the Group’s objectives with employee development expectations and performance appraisal inputs. We provide training grants for those who wish to complete or progress in university studies.


With an integrated reporting model we provide the Board with access to a set of information that facilitates team management and enables people management activities to be tracked.

People. What matters most in organizations are the PEOPLE.


Flexibility: It is a basic condition to be able to adapt and change constantly, either geographically or strategically.

Being more and better: Going beyond is our motto, showing interest in valuing yourself and seeking continuous improvement in your activity within the organization.

Rigor and requirement: Be rigorous with the practices established in the company and demanding to enforce them scrupulously. If you see something that is not being done, report it and do not settle.

Responsibility: autonomy versus responsibility, we give freedom of action according to each one’s sense of responsibility.

Truth and Transparency: in internal and external relations and refute any form of action that distorts this premise.

Compliance with Standards and Procedures: These are the pillars of our internal organization and we demand compliance with what is in place.

Commitment: We identify and act on those who are not truly committed to the company’s values, rules and ways of being.

Good mood: Helping to promote a healthy and happy work environment.