Rehabilitation project in Vizela nearly done

The requalification and dynamization work at Praça da República and Jardim Manuel Faria, in Vizela, Portugal, is at a very advanced stage with about 70% of the work completed.

As we had already reported (information you can access here), the intervention started on October 9, 2020, and has an average of 15 workers, who have guaranteed the good pace and constant evolution of the project.

The square has about 3000sqm of portuguese sidewalk which, through the mixture of white and black limestone, forms decorative patterns with Roman mosaics so characteristic of the Roman Vizela.

The Garden opens to the city via a staircase to the west and with its extension to the east. The project also includes interventions in some main elements of Vizela such as the bandstand, the water mirror and the sanitary facilities. Streets and parking are also included in the project, making rides safer and wider for citizens and cars.

The project results in a natural approximation between Praça da República, Jardim Manuel Faria and Rua Dr. Abílio Torres, always aware of the visual relation with the city’s patron, São Bento da Pêras. Although these places have different purposes, they complement each other, involving smells, colors, textures, sounds and light that make us travel through time.

This center is an identity generator that feeds the soul of all Vizela’s inhabitants. The heart of the city will now have a new life with the MCA Group seal.