Projects for MCA Mexico discussed in Portugal

MCA Group promotes training and knowledge sharing.

MCA Group promoted to the partners of MCA Mexico a set of actions regarding the implementation of new organizational structures .
The MCA Mexico delegation participated in corporate management and joint work actions with the different group departments like marketing, new markets, corporate legal and engineering centers.
The initiative enabled knowledge sharing and synergies. The projects and solutions being developed for Mexico were analyzed.
These meetings also served to discuss what steps will be taken in the future.
Another objective that was achieved was a closer proximity between the Mexican partners and the board of directors of the MCA Grupo, as well as a mutual knowledge of techniques and methodologies to be introduced in MCA Mexico.
The Mexican delegation also had the opportunity to meet the startups, through two visits to the group’s technology companies, which made a presentation of their skills and potential: Nipstechnologie, detection systems and data management for smart cities, and the recently -based technology company Mainbio for converting waste into biofuels.
This initiative, promoted by MCA Grupo, resulted from an exhaustive work of exchange of information and experiences, which values the collaboration and the relationship between Mexico and Portugal and allows to outline and implement strategies and goals for the future.