Women’s empowerment

Gender equality is one of the values we most cherish and that we are constantly evaluating at MCA Group.

We are focused on maintaining a balance between the genders, not making distinctions. By 2021, MCA had a 15% growth in the global number of female employees in leadership positions.

At the moment, we have a universe of 130 female employees and one of the MCA Group’s priorities is to increase the number of women in more prominent roles in the organization, namely in management, technical or operational coordination roles.

We would like to point out that on our sites for the solar project in Angola, 9 female employees are working in the operational area. Some of these women are developing their professional activity as part of the electrical installations team, helping the electrical assembly process, more specifically, establishing electrical connections for solar panels and assembling smart panels.

There is still a long way to go when it comes to gender equality. The MCA Group is aware of these concerns and, therefore, will continue its strong commitment to achieving its equality goals.

Learn more about this project at: https://www.jornaldeangola.ao/ao/noticias/projecto-solar-da-baia-farta-da-prioridade-a-mulheres/