MCA Group partners with GRACE

The MCA Group partnered with GRACE – a non-profit association that is recognized as one of the most dynamic and prestigious associations operating in the social, environmental and governance spheres in Portugal.

MCA Group, by partnering with GRACE, wants to be part of the growing group of companies who believe that sharing knowledge and real action are the best way to integrate, innovate and inspire socially responsible practices. GRACE works as a bridge, connecting responsible companies, contributing to access to knowledge, allowing better dissemination of good practices and, undoubtedly, has a network of useful contacts for the development of Social Responsibility practices and Corporate Sustainability.

GRACE and the MCA Group are aligned and guided by the goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. It is in this context that the MCA Group wants to be part of the group of organizations that have an impact on positive changes in the business ecosystem, in institutional advocacy and, through the sharing of best practices, can anticipate trends.

In the partnership with GRACE, MCA Group employees will have easier access to numerous online events such as GRACE talks (sharing ideas by experts), Speakers Corner (sharing the network of associates that enhance synergies between social projects and companies and intercompany), access to toolkits, papers and guides on challenging topics for the company, as well as participate as speakers at conferences and events of the network and of other partners.

The advantages of partner with GRACE also allow the MCA Group to benefit from a support portfolio for its members, such as tailor-made solutions for training and raising awareness of employees, partnerships with the social economy and participation in internal initiatives, in actions for citizenship and volunteer work and in training for themes in the scope of Social Responsibility and Sustainability. The MCA Group once again, in this partnership with GRACE, demonstrates its active role in environmental, social and economic sustainability and that it’s striving for the best organizational practices in which people are at its center.

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