MCA Group donates medical equipment to Hospital de Guimarães, Portugal

The orthopedics department at Hospital de Guimarães received several medical equipment, donated by MCA Group, which will help to improve the patient care provided.
Previously positioned on the 10th floor, during the pandemic this wing had to be re-installed over several floors of the Hospital. Since July 2020 is located on the 7th floor. As the existing medical equipment no longer correspond to the present needs, Dr. Paulo Vasconcelos, a graduate assistant in orthopedics at the Hospital, challenged the MCA Group for a partnership, which was quickly accepted.
As part of this partnership, various types of equipment were acquired and offered to Hospital de Guimarães, mainly furniture, including medical beds and mattresses.
This is another action with great importance that improves the care provided and the conditions for the recovery of patients.