MCA Group celebrates World Tree Day by planting 650 trees

To celebrate World Tree Day, MCA Group carried out a collective tree planting initiative, aiming to raise awareness among employees about the importance of tree preservation and reforestation. This initiative took place in Portugal, at the Biodiversity Route in Guimarães and in Angola, at Baía Farta’s and Biópio’s Solar Parks.

As for the various awareness messages that the MCA Group was keen to pass on, we emphasize the importance of environmental and ecological balance, as well as the populations quality of life and, also, fostering a civic attitude of respect for the forest and afforestation, in all its dimensions.

In Portugal, the Group marked the date by planting 500 indigenous trees, contributing to the improvement of the municipality’s green areas, under the “Guimarães Mais Floresta” Program. After the trees were planted by MCA employees, healthy snacks were offered and a brief awareness-raising session on the importance of forests was carried out by the Landscape Laboratory technician, who encouraged employees to make regular visits to the planted trees, to be able to monitor its growth. Learn more about this initiative here.

In Angola, at the Baía Farta’s solar park, the initiative took place at the shipyard and was attended by all MCA employees and subcontractors. The day started with an awareness session, followed by the creation of a plant nursery at the shipyard and, finally, the planting of trees in the garden of the housing project in the region.

At the Biópio shipyard, it was possible to count on the participation of MCA workers and construction inspectors, as well as the students and teachers of the Communal Administration. The event followed the same program as in Baía Farta adding, at the end, the offer of a snack to the invited teachers and students. Later, the MCA Group was present at “Escola BG Nº0041 11 de Março”, in Cabrais, where it held another awareness session on the importance of afforestation and reforestation and, together with the students, planted another 25 trees.

MCA Group planted 650 new trees in total – 500 in Portugal and 150 in Angola – contributing to a carbon offset value of 326.1kgCO2e/year in Portugal and 114kgCO2e/year in Angola.

Another intervention with the MCA Group seal, aiming to protect the planet and contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.