MCA PSS starts the 1st phase of the work at Campo dos Sargaceiros in Esposende, Portugal

MCA PSS, MCA Group’s company, started the first phase of the remodeling works of Campo dos Sargaceiros, located in the village of Apúlia, Esposende, Portugal.

The intervention in the sports field, long desired by all residents, began with the installation of the lawn and lines. Once this phase is completed, the focus shifts to filling the field with silica sand and SBR granules.

Field filling application is of indispensable importance. To be successful and avoid planimetry problems, the installation process of the base on which the lawn will be placed must necessarily be well executed and, of course, carried out with the utmost care.

With MCA PSS contribution, Campo dos Sargaceiros will finally have all the conditions for sporting activity.