MCA PSS renews Athletics Track in Amadora, Portugal

MCA PSS, an MCA Group’s company, will carry out rehabilitation works on the athletics track at the Monte da Galega Municipal Sports Complex.
The work will start with cleaning and smoothing of the surface of the lanes, and in the northern area of the lane, the entire coating will be removed to eliminate the granules and self-levelling, which will be replaced by self-levelling elastomers resistant to the climate of the southern Europe. Subsequently, a careful cleaning of the existing finishing layer will be carried out throughout the area, to remove dust that could impede a good adhesion of the new pavement. The marking of the track will also be carried out.
According to the project, the work also foresees the application of a grass mat over a layer of concrete, in the green areas surrounding the track.
In 2017, the requalification of 2 runners on the athletics track was carried out and the current work will include the recovery of 6 more runners.
At the south end, the recovery of the weight launching platform and respective sandbox are also foreseen. Finally, a platform will be built to house a box containing athletics material, which will be moved from the North top to this location.
The Monte da Galega Municipal Sports Complex is located in Falagueira – Venda Nova parish, municipality of Amadora. Currently, Amadora has 181,724 inhabitants, with a large portion of the population in a younger age group. The parish of Venda Nova borders the parish of Benfica, located in the city of Lisbon. Both parishes are recognized as places of great adhesion to sports practice.
Upon completion of this work, Amadora will have a more modern Sports Park with better conditions for competition sports.