MCA promotes photography contest

The MCA Group held an internal photo contest, taken by the employees themselves.

The objective was to encourage all business areas and different functions, both in the field and in the office, to better understand the company’s initial sector: civil construction.

The winners of the competition, Engineer João Oliveira and Architect Alexandre Reis, responsible for the solar project, photographed the Photovoltaic Park in Benguela, Angola, in August this year.
The winning photo stands out for:

  • Reflect the application of metal profiles – total of 43 000 thousand.
  • Its particularities and theme – “going even further”.
  • Two colors – brown terrain and blue sky in axis.
  • Two MCA teams – machine and manual.
  • Infinite of applied stakes – depth.
  • Smooth from the sky and the roughness of the markings on the ground – movement dynamics.
  • Work done and to be done on the ground – we understand what has been done and what is yet to be done.
  • Professional technical simplicity and complexity.

The contest winners received a frame with the submitted photograph as a prize. All participants were awarded a diploma of participation.

These types of initiatives are already part of the MCA dynamic and are very important to promote the inclusion of all employees and incite proximity within the group.