MCA GROUP starts the construction of the first two photovoltaic plants and employs 900 people in Benguela

On March 11 2021, the largest renewable energy project to date in Angola was consigned; an important step towards the country’s sustainability.

This event, which we reported here, culminated in a ceremony in which the first stones were laid for the construction of the first two photovoltaic plants, one in Biópio and one in Baía Farta, both in the province of Benguela.

We underline that the project includes the construction of 7 photovoltaic plants, with a total capacity of 370 megawatts (MWp), located, in Benguela as well as in five other provinces of Angola: Huambo, Bié, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul and Moxico.

The first two works (Biópio and Baia Farta) started with the deforestation, land modeling and phase I of building the construction site. It was also necessary to train the human resources that will be involved in the construction and also to carry out a major logistics operation for the production and mobilization of materials, equipment and technologies. We emphasize that, although recent, both works are progressing at a good pace.

Quanto a dimensões de projeto, prevê-se a seguinte capacidade instalada, para estas duas centrais fotovoltaicas:

Project Name Province MWdc MWac
Biopio Benguela 188.877 144.90
Baía Farta Benguela 96.703 75.90

We also highlight other essential indicators, related to the volume of the 2 sites:

Project Name Human Resources* Containers** Total Perimeter
Biopio 570 1.588 9,00km
Baía Farta 330 862 6,50km

* Employees (peak of the construction stage) | ** 40ft containers involved in the project

We are obviously very proud to be part of the largest renewable energy project to date in Angola, where we act as the leader of a consortium that includes a wide range of world-class international entities.

Contributing and investing in the environmental sustainability of our projects and promoting the sustainable development of the communities in which they’re located, is and will continue to be one of the biggest bets of the MCA Group, which is clear in this project.

We believe in a better future and projects like these allow us to train local staff, thus fostering employment in the communities where we work.