MCA Group rehabilitates 30 km of road, in Angola

A rehabilitation contract for more than 30 km of road is being developed in Angola. The section belongs to the municipality of Cambambe and provides access to the fishing community of N’Golome.

This work, requested by the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries, includes earthworks, where layers of landfill will be carried out. The objective is to assign a cross-sectional profile to the track, with a width of 7 meters, with two tracks 3.5 meters wide.

In addition to these interventions, hydraulic passages and wear layers are being carried out, as well as vertical signs.
Also noteworthy for the various difficulties that this project faced, considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. MCA Vias, its employees and suppliers, overcame logistical difficulties, which complicated access to resources and the import of some components to support the repair and maintenance of equipment, with a specific mitigation plan.

We appreciate the effort and collaboration of all the MCA teams, their commitment has allowed the work to have never been interrupted. Together, we go further!