MCA Group project receives Top10 Business of the Year award by TXF

The MCA Group project Solar Angola was distinguished by TXF as one of the 10 best deals of 2020.
The Top 10 Business of the Year results from an extensive and rigorous selection, that starts with a list of 2,500 potential winners and is then reduced to 120.
The process is conducted by the TXF editorial team, which considers the industry’s favorite businesses and the main players in the market who vote according to their preferences, through the TXF database.
The Solar Angola project contemplates the construction of 7 photovoltaic plants and the installation of 1 million solar panels for a total of 370 megawatts (MWp). Will be produced enough energy to serve 2.4 million people, guaranteeing the supply and access to the public network for needy populations, some in areas of the territory where there is no electricity.
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TXF created these recognition awards that, considering their large network of members and reputation, are seen as the Oscars of this sector.
The MCA Group adds another award to its list, with one of the biggest technological advances in Angola.