MCA Group makes Christmas Challenge best-of

Even in such an atypical and different year, MCA Group maintained the tradition of reinforcing cohesion, unity and team spirit. The constraints of the times in which we live, helped to sharpen our employees creativity and to use the new technologies to celebrate Christmas and send a message of joy, hope and togetherness.

We received several videos from different countries in which we operate, where it was possible to identify the most varied talents of our employees, from dance, to singing and even directing. We were surprised by a message of hope recorded in the rain in the interior of Angola and, once again, we confirmed that MCA Group is an organization made of dynamic and innovative young people and also more experienced leaders, in a perfect combination where the future of the company is based.

After being viewed internally, our HR made a “Best of” film that was presented at our virtual Christmas Party.

In a year in which the most positive thing was to be negative (for Covid), the creativity of the Christmas Challenge and even the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are actions that value the activity of the MCA Group with its stakeholders, in particular, its employees and institutional partners.

We truly hope that this new year will be filled with creativity, solidarity and prosperity.