MCA Group makes changes in Board of Directors

Innovation and adaptation are fundamental pillars of the MCA Group culture. These pillars are timeless characteristics that allow us to be at the forefront in the areas of activity where we operate and to be ready to meet the needs of our customers, our stakeholders and markets.

Bearing this in mind, MCA Group recently promoted a change in its top corporate and business management, with a special preponderance in areas of increasing importance for the group, among which are the Sustainability and Bioenergies areas.

This restructuring keeps the current executive committee in place, with some transitions in corporate areas. It also includes the integration of a new member, António Oliveira, who assumes the functions of responsible for the supervision of the sectorial companies of “Health” and “Bioenergies”, with transversal responsibilities within the corporate center of “People Management” and “Risk and Structured Operations ”.

On the other hand, Vítor Lima now becomes a corporate supervisor for the “E&C and Concessions in Portugal” companies, becomes the PCA of the company M. Couto Alves SA and assumes transversal responsibilities in the corporate centers “Procurement & Logistics” and “Business Fleet & Maintenance”.

Elisabete Alves assumes the responsibility of the “E&C in Africa” companies, becoming the PCA of M.Couto Alves – Vias SA, based in Angola, plus the transversal responsibilities of the corporate centers of “Studies and Proposals” and “Planning, Production / Execution”.

Paulo Aparício maintains the responsibilities of companies in the International Area and New Markets, with transversal responsibilities in the corporate centers of “Institutional Relations with Investors and Communication” and “Control of Commercial Activity”.

Serafim Fernandes maintains the corporate supervision of “Business Control and Consolidation”, “Accounting, Finance and Taxation” and “Information Systems” areas.

Finally, Manuel Couto Alves, in addition to being President of the Group’s Holding, assumes the responsibility of the Real Estate and Solar Energy companies and transversally has the supervision of the corporate centers of “Real Estate” and “Legal”, in addition to the presence in the “Decision Committee of Proposals”.

Pinho Gonçalves, Teixeira dos Santos, Carlos Cancela and Luís Amado are part of the strategic advisory board. The Audit department is being reevaluated and will be revealed later.

With this change, the MCA Group now has 6 members on its corporate executive committee, adapting its top management to the business areas of the different markets, with a matrix well aligned with the defined strategic vision for increasing the success of its activity .