MCA Group introduces StartMeUp program for young talent

The StartMeUp program was created by MCA Group to give opportunities to young people with high potential, determination, motivation to learn and critical thinking, the possibility for professional development within their educational and business areas, across different geographies.

Last September 14th, at a meeting held at Douro Marina, 15 finalists and recent graduates – mainly from the Economics and Management areas – participated in the development of our Assessment Center program.

The initiative included a presentation made by João Pedro Pereira, Head of Strategy, M&A and Sustainability, where the values, purpose, strategies and guidelines of MCA Group’s business areas were shared. The Planning & Control area also made its contribution, with the presence of Hugo Silva and José Costa.

During the event – and always with the mission of identifying the potential of each one for the various projects where we can integrate this partnership – we got to know the young participants better, understanding their motivations, ambitions and life experiences, especially related to responsibility and sustainability, two priorities on the MCA Group’s agenda.

Another promising and productive initiative that gives unique opportunities within the MCA Group universe.

Visit MCA TALENT for more information.