MCA Group holds a Christmas party with employees with a strong commitment to social responsibility

On December 22nd, MCA Group organized its usual Christmas party event which, considering the pandemic, was mostly in a virtual format.

A balance of the year 2021 was made and all employees were presented with the Group’s new strategies, objectives, people and sectors through a presentation made by our CEO, Carlos Gomes da Silva, and by the other members of the COMEX.

Our Chairman, Manuel Couto Alves, in an emotional message, gave an historical report on the MCA Group’s evolution and spoke about the motivations for the future and the Group’s environmental and social concerns.

After this institutional moment, we started a playful and celebratory moment, where snackboxes were delivered to be enjoyed by all employees, which was followed by a joyful video, where we asked to our employees’ children some Christmas questions.

There were also 2 virtual games: a quiz about the MCA Group and a group dynamic, through a word puzzle, where we stipulated a goal to make a donation to an institution. Our employees achieved the game’s goals and, therefore, the MCA Group will offer 6 tablets to Associação Rumo à Vida.

Associação Rumo à Vida is a private social solidarity institution that responds to citizens with disabilities, especially children and young people with special educational needs. Together with the Municipality of Matosinhos, is installed in S. Mamede de Infesta, since 2015.

One of the objectives of this association is to help overcome difficulties in monitoring and developing skills, combining the Special Education and OAC (occupational activities center) skills. Among the many other objectives of Ruma à Vida, we stand out the promotion of emotional, cognitive and affective balance, the development of group awareness and cohesion among peers.

Social solidarity is part of MCA Group and we could not let this date go unnoticed, without having an impact on the lives of those who need it most.