MCA Group does coastal protection work at Praia do Moledo

To improve the conditions of Praia do Moledo, located in the municipality of Caminha, Portugal, a coastal protection work was awarded to the MCA Group in this location.

The MCA Group will proceed with the re-profiling of the beach and the reinforcement of the protection of the existing geotubes in a 330 meters extension of sand.

Considering the current highlight of this area as a holiday destination and since we are in the middle of the bathing season, this intervention is of great importance.

This work is part of a strategy of the Portuguese Environment Agency for the protection and requalification of Praia do Moledo, which annually welcomes thousands of bathers and whose beach has been suffering from the influence of climate change.

The contribution of this intervention will allow it to continue to be an area of choice for the Portuguese but also for foreign tourists, who visit Praia do Moledo every year.