MCA Group concludes 30 km project in N’Golome, Kwanza-norte, Angola

The strategic rehabilitation project of 30km on the access road to the fishing community of N’Golome, in the province of Kwanza Norte in Angola, is practically concluded.

The work, confirmed in February of last year and already reported here, is part of the international public tender, with funding from the African Development Bank, launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries / Artisanal Fisheries Development Institute, within the scope of the Fisheries Sector Support Project.

Despite the difficult period that this project has gone through, with the emergence of the pandemic COVID-19 and several periods of intense rain, the MCA Group persisted and overcame all obstacles, concluding another challenge, with very positive and very visible results. Our team was tireless and deserves recognition for all the effort they put into this intervention.

A great proof that together we are stronger and together we will continue to reduce distances and foster the development of local communities. Always aiming to go even further, this time to “Lagoa do N’Golome”.