MCA Agro presents a new sustainable project and develops a case study on Mussinga Farm

MCA Agro, a company of the MCA Group, was formally constituted in 2017, starting a process that aims to combine – in an environmentally sustainable way – the business interest and the development of local communities.
A demonstrative example is the Mussiga Farm project, which, through the production of various agricultural crops, promotes fair trade with the local community.

The awareness that the Mussinga region is located far away and with difficult access to large markets, rather than retracting, inspires the project to make judicious decisions regarding the crops to be developed and in the search for development solutions based on local resources and in a very close relationship with the nature that surrounds it.

Fazenda Mussinga has an area of 1,000 hectares which includes:

  • 250 Hectares of Arabica coffee, an historical coffee culture in that region, that offer guarantees and potential for the export of quality coffee.
  • The fruit area with bet on the selection of the best native fruits for seed. This qualitative and quantitative development of the fruit-growing area is aimed at marketing 50% of production for the internal market and the other half for export.
  • An horticultural area where sweet potatoes, gindungo (pepper), pumpkin, lima beans, popcorn corn, ginguba (peanuts) and rena (rossana) potatoes will be grown.
  • This MCA Agro project shows to be able to implement a structured plan for sustainable development and, at the same time, with capacity to fulfill the mission of practicing an effective social responsibility, adequate to the needs of a population, now less isolated in the vast and deep Angolan interior.

    This is another project from the MCA Group universe that demonstrates the strong ambition, through a bet on sustainability, of being able to have a positive impact on the communities where we are present.

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