Douro Marina able to safely receive visitors

Manuel Cunha, general director of Douro Marina, said in an interview that since the beginning of the pandemic, security has been one of the focuses of this project: adopting measures, procedures and equipment that would make it possible to safeguard the hygiene conditions of employees and visitors were the main objective, complying with all health recommendations and good practices.

Open since 2012, Douro Marina has developed a set of extended activities, which during the pandemic and confinement were reduced, but always had the support and coordination of the maritime authorities.

With “Clean & Safe” certificate that guarantees the compliance of a set of measures such as the specific training of all employees, spaces and facilities organization for public access, information for all customers and visitors, cleaning and sanitizing procedures for spaces and equipment, distribution of personal protective equipment to employees and hygiene resources for visitors.

Douro Marina offers different stores and restaurants, rental of recreational boats, sale and purchase of boats and spaces for parking recreational boats. The new focus of this project is the spaces and rooms inside the building for corporate events.

Located near the center of Gaia and with easy parking, Douro Marina is a safe and peaceful place with a natural setting to be visited.