Angola’s Minister of Energy and Water visits mega solar project in Biópio

On August 16th, the MCA Group’s Solar Project received a visit from the Minister of Energy and Water. The visit took place in two of the seven implementation sites of this project: Biópio and Baía Farta.

In addition to the Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, the heads of public companies Prodel, Ende and RNT, the Governor of the Province of Benguela, Luís Nunes, and some local entities such as the Administrators of Lobito and Catumbela, were present.

The visit began with a brief presentation of the project’s evolution and a status report on the intervention, stating that the park is already fenced and the earthworks are practically concluded. The pile-driving work preceded by pre-drilling, due to the rocky characteristics of the terrain, are being carried out.

During the visit, the delegation was able to observe a demonstration of the tasks described above and were able to verify, in the logistics areas, the storage of a large part of the materials to be applied on site, specifically the photovoltaic modules and parts of the tracking system.

This visit by the Minister demonstrates the importance of this project for the region and its residents.